Sexual assault survivors have many options for ongoing support:

Catholic University Counseling Center

The Counseling Center provides up to 45 weekly sessions at no charge for full-time undergraduate and graduate students at Catholic University. Students must first schedule an intake appointment and then will work with the center to set up a schedule for therapy sessions. The counseling sessions are confidential and are not part of a student's academic record.

Sexual Assault Survivor Support Groups: In addition to individual therapy, the Counseling Center runs group therapy sessions specifically for sexual assault survivors. For more information on meeting times, contact the Counseling Center.

Campus Ministry

The Office of Campus Ministry offers spiritual support to victims of sexual assault. In addition to pastoral conversations with ordained priests protected under the sacramental seal, non-ordained pastoral/professional staff have been invited by students to accompany them to other support services on campus. Staff also help friends of victims as they seek ways to support their friends who have been victims of sexual assault.

Students can come in at any time during regular business hours to seek assistance. The office on the ground floor of Caldwell Hall and is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. After hours, the chaplain and/or campus ministers can be reached by contacting any student minister, community director or DPS.

Dean of Students Office

The Deputy Title IX Coordinators in the Dean of Students Office provide academic and emotional support to both complainants and respondents. Even if a victim decides not to file a complaint, a student can receive weekly check-ins from a Deputy Title IX Coordinator to see how they are doing. The Deputy Title IX Coordinators can also help victims navigate their options and decide on the best course of action.

D.C. Rape Crisis Center

D.C. Rape Crisis Center hotline: 202-232-0789

The D.C. Rape Crisis Center provides individual and group counseling at no charge. It is located less than two miles from campus near the Fort Totten Metro Station, only one stop away on the Metro red line. For any questions, please contact the intake coordinator at or 202-232-0789.

Network for Victim Recovery of DC (NVRDC)

NYRDC hotline: 202-742-1727

NVRDC provides free Title IX legal services to adult survivors of sexual assault, intimate partner and dating violence, and stalking who attend school in D.C. For additional information, please call 202-742-1727.

Wendt Center for Loss and Healing

The Wendt Center hotline: 202-624- 0010

The Wendt Center provides free individual and group counseling for survivors of sexual assault. The closest location to campus is on Connecticut Avenue, NW near the Van Ness Metro Station on the red line. To schedule an appointment, call the intake coordinator at 202-624- 0010.